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What goes into creating a garment?

noviembre 27, 2019

What goes into creating a garment? | Uwamarket

There are a lot of clothing stores, brands, and designers out there so it may seem like an easy feat. However, there is quite a lot of work that goes into creating a garment.

  1. Research for inspiration. For many, this may be going to museums, traveling, looking through old books and movies in order to get inspired.
  2. Sketching. You'll always need to sketch out your design in order to put out a visual representation of what it's going to look like.
  3. Patternmaking. You'll need to turn your sketch into a pattern which is the template from which the fabric is cut to create the actual garment. This takes a lot of skill and some designers work with a pattern maker instead of doing this step themselves.
  4. Creating a Muslin. A Muslin is kind of like the 'first draft'! You create the 'muslin' with inexpensive cotton so you can see how the garment looks like if real life and make any necessary tweaks and adjustments to the fit and initial design.
  5. Samples. You'll need to source the fabrics that you want to use and create samples of your garments.
  6. Finished Product. After you've created a few samples, you'll have your final look and produce the finished product.