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Planning Vacation Outfits: Italy

noviembre 27, 2019

Planning Vacation Outfits: Italy | Uwamarket

Heading to Italy for a vacation? Well, first of all, lucky you. Secondly, time to plan your wardrobe!

Most of the times, when traveling to different countries, unless you want to shell out a lot of $$$ for a checked bag - you're stuck with just a carry-on sized suitcase. Which, for some people, seems impossible! 

If you're headed to Italy in the summer - be prepared for the heat, especially in the South. Since temperatures can fluctuate around 30 degrees Celcius, and you know you'll be outside most of the time walking around, sight-seeing, visiting vineyards, you'll need to dress accordingly.

The key is to bring items that you can wear multiple times, but style in multiple ways. Linen is your friend here as it's super light-weight and breathable. You'll want to bring anything "flowy" as well - think of dresses and skirts that have movement to them - these will also keep you cool (both temperature wise, and attitude wise).

Lastly, a pro-tip: roll all of your garments in your suitcase if you're worried about not having a lot of space! This way, you'll be able to fit more souvenirs and bottles of wine in your bag as well.